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Joint Replacements

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Have you discovered that you need a joint replacement due to work-related wear and tear on your body? Repetitive stress on a joint can result in constant pain from damaged cartilage that eventually may require surgery. If you are in this condition and need legal help in exploring your options for work-related compensation, we suggest you talk to one of our experienced Los Angeles joint replacement attorneys at LA Workers' Comp Attorneys. We are proven advocates with decades of experience in handling injury claims.

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Facts About Repetitive Stress Injuries & Joint Replacements

Repetitive stress injuries on joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons are caused by repetitive motions and overuse. These types of injuries can occur to workers who use specific body parts consistently and daily to perform work duties. Examples are typists who develop carpal tunnel syndrome and warehouse workers who bend, kneel, lift, push, pull, and carry heavy objects.

Symptoms of RPI include pain, tenderness, stiffness, or tingling in the affected area as well as reduced mobility. In the most severe cases, an RPI can advance to the point where the damaged joint causes pain even when the individual is at rest. Often, this leads to the need for joint replacement surgery, such as for hips and knees.

How LA Workers' Comp Attorneys Can Assist You

Many people believe that repetitive stress injuries caused by work-related activity are not covered by workers’ compensation programs. This is not true. If you believe your need for a joint replacement surgery is due to work-related repetitive motions, you should consult with one of our experienced Los Angeles joint replacement lawyers.

While insurance companies can make it difficult to obtain the benefits you need, our legal team can apply their extensive knowledge and skills to help you through the process. With seasoned legal representation on your side, your chances for a successful outcome are greatly enhanced.

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