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Amputation Injuries

Amputation Injuries

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A serious workplace accident, whether it involves heavy machinery, malfunctioning equipment, a fall, or a vehicle collision, can sometimes lead to the need for an amputation. For the worker involved, losing a leg, arm, hand, toe, or finger can be a crushing blow that may result in a loss of mobility or the ability to perform their work. If this has happened to you, a Los Angeles amputation injury attorney at LA Workers' Comp Attorneys can help you seek rightful compensation through a workers’ compensation claim.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Amputation Injuries

When you are injured on the job in a way that leads to the forced amputation of a body part, you are likely covered under California’s workers’ compensation program. The amount of financial compensation you are eligible to recover will depend on the severity of your situation and other factors. To fully understand where you stand in regards to this matter, it is vital that you talk to an attorney who practices in the field of workers’ compensation law.

You may be eligible to recover compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • A prosthetic device
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Disability

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Our firm stands apart due to the length and breadth of our experience in injury claims. We have been helping injured workers since 1965 and have recovered millions in benefits, awards, and settlements during that time. Our legal team is highly knowledgeable and driven, and we have the resources to fully address any case or complication.

Our Los Angeles amputation injury lawyers are prepared to work vigorously on your behalf to help you through this difficult time. We understand the extreme importance of this matter to your financial future. You can get started by contacting us for a free initial consultation.

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    Our firm has been in practice since 1965 & boasts decades of experience protecting the rights of injured workers.

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